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Playground Signs - Customised steel signs are available for all playgrounds. These signs can be used to outline items such as playground opening times or playground rules.

Playground Fencing - The most common playground fencing is bow top. This fencing is designed with safety in mind and has a special curved top. The fencing is galvanised and powder coated and comes in a choice of colours. Self closing gates can also be used in the playground. These gates are installed in a different colour to the playground to facilitate a small child to easily locate the exist in a large playground.

Go Play offer a range of play panels which can be fixed onto fencing or a wall in your playground. These panels provide a very effective solution to make use of all space in the playground. A variety of panels are available with different activities including counting and alphabet activities and various games guaranteed to keep children amused for hours.

Benches and bins - We offer a large range of wooden and steel benches and picnic tables. These benches can be positioned around the playground to facilitate easy supervision of children in the playground. We have a selection of bins in various colours and sizes.

Go Play can also organise playground lighting solutions for your playground.

Did you know?

Children learn about themselves through play and discover the world around them.

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